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Table 2 Discontinuation of sorafenib in the non-intervention group (n = 7)

From: Effectiveness of medical supportive team for outpatients treated with sorafenib: a retrospective study

Adverse drug reactions (Grade) Daily dose (mg) Diagnosis Previous therapy
Hand-foot skin reaction (3) 800 hepatocellular carcinoma TACE, RFA, Operation
Hand-foot skin reaction (3) 800 renal cell carcinoma Interleukin
Hand-foot skin reaction (2) 800 renal cell carcinoma Interferon, Sunitiniba
Hand-foot skin reaction (3) 200 hepatocellular carcinoma TACE, RFA
Anorexia (2) 400 renal cell carcinoma None
Hypothyroidism (2) 600 renal cell carcinoma Surgery
Diarrhea (1) 800 hepatocellular carcinoma TACE, RFA
  1. aMolecular-targeted therapy.
  2. Abbreviations: TACE: transarterial chemoembolization; RFA: radiofrequency ablation.