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Table 1 Phase 3 trials of adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer

From: Cost-minimization analysis of adjuvant chemotherapy regimens given to patients with colorectal cancer in Japan

Trials Race Regimens Primary endpoint Result of the trials Conclusion of the trials Reference
16968 Whites 5-FU/LV vs. CapeOX 3-Year DFS rate 66.5 vs. 70.9 % Superiority of CapeOX to 5-FU/LV [8]
MOSAIC Whites LV5FU2 vs. FOLFOX4 3-Year DFS rate 65.3 vs. 72.2 % Superiority of FOLFOX4 to LV5FU2 [9]
INT 0089 Whites 5-FU/LV (RPMI) vs. 5-FU/LV (Mayo) 5-Year OS rate 66.0 vs. 66.0 % Non-inferiority of 5-FU/LV (RPMI) to 5-FU/LV (Mayo) [20]
GERCOR C96.1 Whites 5-FU/LV (Mayo) vs. LV5FU2 6-Year DFS rate 65.0 vs. 66.0 % Non-inferiority of 5-FU/LV (Mayo) to LV5FU2 [21]
Japanese FOLFOX4 vs. mFOLFOX6 Response rate 53.7 vs. 46.6 % Non-inferiority of mFOLFOX6 to FOLFOX4 [10]a
NSABP C-06 Whites 5-FU/LV vs. UFT/LV 5-Year OS rate 71.5 vs. 69.6 % Non-inferiority of UFT/LV to 5-FU/LV [12]
X-ACT Whites 5-FU/LV vs. capecitabine 3-Year DFS rate 60.6 vs. 64.2 % Non-inferiority of capecitabine to 5-FU/LV [13]
ACTS-CC Japanese UFT/LV vs. S-1 3-Year DFS rate 72.5 vs. 75.5 % Non-inferiority of S-1 to UFT/LV [14]
  1. RPMI Roswell Park Memorial Institute regimen
  2. aPhase 2 trial