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Table 2 Use of the G-CSF guidelines in the daily work of pharmacists

From: A questionnaire survey of pharmacists regarding the clinical practice guidelines for the appropriate use of granulocyte-colony stimulating factors

  n = 301
Q6. What do you use as a reference for the use of G-CSFs in clinical practice?(multiple choice)
 Clinical practice guideline 292 (97.0)a
 Guideline of ASCO 101 (33.6)
 Guideline of ERTC 11 (3.7)
 Guideline of NCCN 95 (31.6)
 Package insert 191 (63.5)
Q7. How much importance do you give to the guideline for the use of G-CSFs in clinical practice?
 A high level of importance 92 (30.6)
 Give some importance 187 (62.1)
 Do not give importance much 22 (7.3)
 Do not give importance at all 0 (0.0)
Q8. Do you use the Japanese or foreign guidelines?
 Japanese guidelines 229 (76.0)
 Foreign guidelines 3 (1.0)
 Japanese and foreign guidelines 67 (22.3)
 Neither 2 (0.7)
  1. G-CSF Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating Factor, NCCN National Comprehensive Cancer Network, EORTC European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer, ASCO American Society of Clinical Oncology
  2. aNumber (percent)