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Table 3 Number and adverse event of signal detection in elderly risk included in SOC.

From: Analyses of non-benzodiazepine-induced adverse events and prognosis in elderly patients based on the Japanese adverse drug event report database

adverse event: SOC (Number of HGLTs included in SOC) adverse event: HGLT
Psychiatric disorders (4) Impulse control disorders NEC
Personality disorders and disturbances in behavior
Manic and bipolar mood disorders and disturbances
Disturbances in thinking and perception
Eye disorders (3) Glaucoma and ocular hypertension
Vision disorders
Ocular infections irritations and inflammations
Nervous system disorders (2) Neurological disorders of the eye
Movement disorders (include parkinsonism)
Investigations (2) Neurological special senses and psychiatric investigations
Enzyme investigations NEC
Injury poisoning and procedural complications (1) Injuries by physical agents
  1. SOC System Organ Class, HLGT High Level Group Term, NEC not elsewhere classified