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Table 2 Potential drug-related problems detected by routine pharmaceutical interventions

From: Potential drug-related problems detected by routine pharmaceutical interventions: safety and economic contributions made by hospital pharmacists in Japan

Potential drug-related problems, type and subtype Number of cases
Improper drug selection
 Prescribing the wrong drug 30
 Duplication of drug with similar effect 140 (4)
 Contraindications (except drug interaction) 144 (3)
 Careful administration 42
 Use during pregnancy, delivery, or lactation (except contraindications) 2
 Prescription of discontinued drug 30
 Administration of stoppable drug 70
Drug interaction
 Contraindications for co-administration 24
 Precautions for co-administration 61
 Overdosage 585 (1)
 Dosing rate too fast 15
 Dilute concentration too high 8
Subtherapeutic dosage
 Underdosage 129 (5)
 Dosing rate too slow 11
 Dilute concentration too low 5
Inappropriate route selection
 Intravenous drug incompatibility  
 Inappropriate solvent 26
 Inappropriate route 26
 Inappropriate use of filter 2
Improper dosing timing
 Inappropriate dosing time 55
 Lack of rest period 12
Drug use requiring therapeutic drug monitoring
 Initial dose setting 43
 Dose setting (except initial case) 63
Poor compliance
 Overuse 12
 Underuse 1
 Does not take medicine 15
 Taking a cancelled drug 4
 Inappropriate crushing or dissolution of tablets 68
 Difficulty using dosage form 60
Untreated/undertreated indications
 Necessary medication not started/restarted 117
 Omission of prescription 166 (2)
 Condition undertreated 39
 Drug must be discontinued before a test/surgery 24
 Stopping a drug that should be continued 18
Lack of monitoring by examination
 Necessary examination not performed 82
Adverse drug reactions
 Presence of serious adverse drug reactions 40
 Presence of other adverse drug reactions 99
 History of serious adverse reactions 8
 History of other adverse drug reactions 28
Consultation from doctor
 Drug selection 10
 Dosage selection 16
 Drug and dosage selection 20
 Other 6
 Other 20
Overall 2,376
  1. ( ) is order of the top five potential DRP subtypes