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Table 6 Multivariable regression analysis for medication adherence

From: The relationship between patients’ perception of type 2 diabetes and medication adherence: a cross-sectional study in Japan

Variables B SE β
Patients’ perception factor 2: Living an orderly life 0.970 0.307 0.239**
Family history of diabetes 3.392 1.250 −0.198**
Diabetes knowledge 0.504 0.192 0.199**
BMI −0.391 0.170 −0.17*
  1. BMI body mass index, B, partial regression coefficient for the constant in the null model. SE, the standard error around the coefficient for the constant. β, standard partial regression coefficient. *Significant at 0.05 level. **Significant at 0.01 level. The coefficient of determination (R2) in this regression equation was 0.195