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Table 1 Intervention criteria for the urinary care team

From: Effectiveness of pharmaceutical support by pharmacists in urinary care teams

When one criterion each is met for 1 and 2, team intervention is needed    
1: Anticipated lower urinary tract disorder
 □ History of dysuria [urinary retention, urinary incontinence, or frequent urination (> 15 times per day)]
 □ History of intrapelvic surgery
 □ Admission for neurological or spinal disease
 □ Fulfillment of the criteria for Evaluating the Degree of Independence (degree of “bedriddenness”) of Disabled Elderly Persons in Performing Activities of Daily Living Rank B2, C1, or C2
2: Assessment in lower urinary tract disorder after evulsion of urethral catheter
 □ Urinary retention
 □ Dysuria (residual urine volume > 50 mL)
 □ Urinary incontinence
 □ Frequent urination (> 15 times per day)