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Table 1 Patient demographics and medical history

From: Impact of physician−pharmacist collaborative protocol-based pharmacotherapy management for HIV outpatients: a retrospective cohort study

 Before PBPMAfter PBPMp-value
Number of patients1723
Other infectious diseasesHBV co-infection2HBV co-infection5 
HCV co-infection0HCV co-infection2
Syphilis infection4Syphilis infection5
Nationality (M/F)Japanese (9/1) 58%Japanese (18/0) 78% 
Other (2/5) 41%Other (4/1) 22%
Age43 [30–59]38 [20–69]0.237
ART regimenLPV/r + TDF/FTC6DRV + RTV + TDF/FTC7 
HIV-RNA level at the start of treatment (copy/mL)27,400 [N.D.–349,000]44,900 [N.D.–100,000,000]0.330
  1. Median [range]
  2. LPV/r Lopinavir/ritonavir; TDF Tenofovir disoproxil fumarate; FTC Emtricitabine; RAL Raltegravir;
  3. EFV Efavirenz; DRV Darunavir; RTV Ritonavir; EVG Elvitegravir; cobi Cobicistat; DTG Dolutegravir