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Table 2 Characteristics of the six patients receiving SST

From: Impact of systemic steroid treatment on talc pleurodesis: a report of six cases

Case number and pleurodesis outcomeAge (y)SexDiseaseSteroidRouteDose (mg/day)NSAIDsSerum albumin (g/dL)Drainage volume on the day preceding pleurodesis (mL)Pleurodesis procedures
(1) Success66FRheumatoid arthritisPSLp.o.1Yes2.92301
(2) Success65MKidney transplantmPSLp.o.4No2.21401
(3) Success71MInterstitial pneumoniaPSLp.o.5No2.4401
(4) Success72MRadiation pneumonitisPSLp.o.5No3.012701
(5) Success66MInterstitial pneumoniaPSLp.o.20No3.0501
(6) Failure80MNivolumab-induced pneumoniaPSLi.v.40No1.73002
  1. NSAIDs non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, F female, M male, PSL prednisolone, mPSL methylprednisolone, p.o. oral, i.v. intravenous