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Table 1 Preferred terms included in the “benign and malignant breast neoplasms” used in this study

From: Effect of antipsychotics on breast tumors by analysis of the Japanese Adverse Drug Event Report database and cell-based experiments

PT code
Benign breast neoplasm 10004243
Breast cancer 10006187
Breast cancer in situ 10006189
Breast cancer recurrent 10006198
Breast cancer stage I 10006199
Breast cancer stage II 10006200
Breast cancer stage III 10006201
Breast cancer stage IV 10006202
Breast cyst 10006220
Breast hyperplasia 10006256
Breast neoplasm 10006279
Fibroadenoma of breast 10016613
Fibrocystic breast disease 10016621
Haemangioma of breast 10018820
Inflammatory carcinoma of breast recurrent 10021977
Inflammatory carcinoma of breast stage III 10021978
Inflammatory carcinoma of breast stage IV 10021979
Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast 10021980
Intraductal papilloma of breast 10022781
Lipoma of breast 10024616
Medullary carcinoma of breast 10027095
Metastases to breast 10027454
Paget’s disease of nipple 10033364
Malignant nipple neoplasm male 10053128
Malignant nipple neoplasm female 10053129
Breast cancer metastatic 10055113
Nipple neoplasm 10056286
Breast cancer female 10057654
Breast cancer male 10061020
Malignant nipple neoplasm 10062051
Breast adenoma 10063087
Breast fibroma 10063088
HER2 positive breast cancer 10065430
Apocrine breast carcinoma 10066206
Breast sarcoma 10068582
Breast sarcoma metastatic 10068583
Breast sarcoma recurrent 10068584
Oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer 10070577
Phyllodes tumour 10071776
Benign nipple neoplasm 10072040
Breast cyst rupture 10072812
Breast angiosarcoma 10072813
Breast angiosarcoma metastatic 10072814
Intraductal proliferative breast lesion 10073094
Invasive ductal breast carcinoma 10073095
Invasive lobular breast carcinoma 10073096
Invasive papillary breast carcinoma 10073098
Lobular breast carcinoma in situ 10073099
Metaplastic breast carcinoma 10073100
Mucinous breast carcinoma 10073101
Neuroendocrine breast tumour 10073103
Tubular breast carcinoma 10073104
Intraductal papillary breast neoplasm 10073540
Triple negative breast cancer 10075566
Invasive breast carcinoma 10075713
Hormone refractory breast cancer 10076935
Haemorrhagic breast cyst 10077443
Intracystic breast papilloma 10078162
Squamous cell breast carcinoma 10079307
Primary breast lymphoma 10081036