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Table 4 Number of patients with hypoglycemia

From: Risk of hypoglycemia associated with repaglinide combined with clopidogrel, a retrospective cohort study

Number of patientsRepaglinide and clopidogrel groupMitiglinide and clopidogrel groupRepaglinide group
(N = 15)(N = 15)(N = 15)
Patients with hypoglycemia6 (40.0%)*1 (6.7%)0 (0.0%)
  1. Differences of hypoglycemia incidence rates in “repaglinide group versus repaglinide and clopidogrel group” and “repaglinide and clopidogrel group versus mitiglinide and clopidogrel group” were analyzed by Fisher’s exact test using Bonferroni’s adjusted significant level
  2. *p < 0.05 for the repaglinide group versus repaglinide and clopidogrel group